Tuesday, May 3, 2011

who is the criminal? lawlessness in Stuyvesant?


Tomorrow night, Wednesday May 4, 7:00 at Stuyvesant Town Hall, I will have a hearing on a criminal dog bark charged lodged against me by the town of Stuyvesant under which I could be put in jail up to 15 days. The law is a previously unknown law, never enforces in the town and the charge defies the laws of physics.

Here is the law.

Here is why the charge is akin to a witchcraft charge.

Here is the proof that the charge defies the laws of physics.

Here is the video, the only evidence for all the zoning, planning and criminal charges against me:

December 30, 2010 by Frederick Platt from glencadia on Vimeo.

Now let's consider the town of Stuyvesant:

Here is town employee and fire chief Steven Montie approving of the threats of Ed Scott of the town board. The video of this incident is below.

Here is the empolyee tell me to get out of town.

Here is Supervisor Valerie Bertram saying that Steven Montie is just fine to say get out of town.

Here are the vast distances of the complaints and the obvious evidence that the town work and collaborated to go out and encourage people to file false complaints against me.

Here is Tom Shanahan of the Shanahan Group, lobbyist and head of the Republican Party of the town of Stuyvesant, interrupting and insulting Martin Roby and the town board supporting Mr. Shanahan as an excuse to shut down a public meeting.

Here is Gerry Ennis, zoning enforcement officer, admitting that he stalked my property at least 20 times before dawn.

Here is Ed Scott, of the town board, threatening me with physical violence on tape (short version on YouTube and long version on Vimeo).

ed scott unambiguously threatening me with physical violence on video from glencadia on Vimeo.

Who should be on trial?

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