Thursday, July 2, 2020

The Story: Recap, Highlights

Will here. I moved from NYC to rural Columbia County and started Glencadia Dog Camp. I ran into a corrupt and malicious local government that tried to use zoning law to silence and punish me for not continuing to pay bribes. I learned zoning, planning, and freedom of information law and beat the town in court twice pro see and the county once on appeal.

Three pro se wins: 
Matter of Pflaum v Grattan 2014 NY Slip Op 02357 Decided on April 3, 2014 Appellate Division, Third Department
Hon. Patrick McGrath, May 21, 2012 decision in New York, Supreme Court
Hon. Henry Zwack, August 29, 2013 decision in New York, Supreme Court

And this front page Time Union article is based on my FOIL research.

We had dramatic hearings, vandalism, charges, and more than 15 lawyers prowling around. In the end, they didn't get me and I didn't get them. They're still running the government and stealing hand over fist and I'm still running my business in peace.