Friday, May 27, 2011

abuse of power and silence

So it's been three weeks since we had a videoed threat. This action was seconded by another official of the town. No other official response from the town.

Valerie Bertram abused her authority as chair of the public safety committee and there has been no response from county officials. She leaned on cops to harass someone she disagrees with politically. She has done this before this year, leaning on cops to go after her political opponents.

The rule of law is suspended in Stuyvesant? Isn't this lawlessness?

What do these guys think about this? Valerie Bertram is the number three official in the county board of supervisors structure, deputy majority leader, chair of ethics board, public safety committee.

Do Beth Cozzolino, Paul Czajka, and Roy Brown approve of all of this? They must know. They've received letters.

Step up and speak.

Wrong is wrong. You can use your political position to harass people you don't like with state power. Nothing could be clearer or more wrong.


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