Tuesday, May 3, 2011

video controversy

See wikicoconews for more local news... And wikicoco.com for documents and other info.

I didn't even mean to post the video publicly. People clamored for me to make it public. I sent it to Martin and few other people to see what they thought and then it went public and I had to say my piece. The thing just happened. I like Ed Scott. I like his family. He's a good neighbor. I really wish them all well. I was doing a sound test as mandated by the planning board. I didn't mean to make any kind of dramatic video. i didn't mean for it to be publicly available. There are no children in the video.

Martin to me:


I think this video needed to be made public.
this can't go on. Val's 500/hr attorney will have
to tell her to do something .


My letter to Martin:


I usually find you are right in the end, except about goats. I like goats. Sheep are okay.


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