Wednesday, May 4, 2011

dismissed, 3 days of silence on the rule of law

Well, that does if for the criminal track for now. Bruno dismissed the criminal dog barking complaint for now. Phew! They can re-file it, though. Kind of a weak dismissal.

When the truth is on your side, and you can pay for lawyers, you sometimes get some kind of approximation of justice. If you can't pay or no one is paying attention or... well...

Also, there is this exchange between me and Valerie Bertram about the rule of law. We're heading into day four after Ed Scott's threat, seconded by Steve Montie, and still no statement from the town re-establishing the principle of the rule of law.

And then we had this strange post. And of course, the Obama = Death grafitti.  Threats of violence from multiple town officials?

Hmm? What is going on up here in Stuyvesant? Is it time for the town board to declare themselves in favor of or opposed to the rule of law.

Day 4 is tomorrow. No response. Updates to come.

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