Monday, May 2, 2011

ed scott unambiguously threatening me with physical violence on video

I had these videos locked but had to make them public due to a snafu on the Stuyvesant Forum.

Also, I wanted to make sure people get the full context... and I wanted to email Ed and discuss this with him. I like Ed Scot and I want to get along with him. When he asks me to do something as a neighbor, I would be happy to comply. Anything you need, Ed, let me know.

I get along well his his daughter and wish her much success in college. If at anytime Ed or any of his family have any questions, please email or call.

I do sound testing and bring a video to verify the location as I monitor DB on a device calibrated to provide periodic noise levels... it's about noise and dogs, to defend myself.

So I wasn't really ready to go with this and don't want to have trouble with Ed.

Background information before showing the video of Ed Scott, town board, threatening me.

1. Surveillance an Context

Over the past 7-8 months, cars have sat at the end of my driveway more that 50 times. I do not who they are or why they sit there and observe. I have managed to capture video of them a number of times. When I walk down my driveway to ask them what they are doing, they always drive off. One time I was able to sneak up on a guy who I had never seen before in the neighborhood and I asked him if he was alright, needed to use the phone or something and he said he had pulled over to make a cell phone call, although he took his cell phone out of his pocket as we talked. I videotaped that and I will put that together with the other surveillance videos I have.

Also, by his own admission Gerry Ennis, zoning officer of the town, stalked my property before dawn at least 25 times.

The neighbor Fritz Platt has trespassed on my property to video tape me and my family and employees interacting with dogs and we have witnesses to above.

When Fritz pointed a camera at my house and made a video, that video was deemed sufficient to indite my in court on criminal charges although it is farcical.

The observation of our residence is disturbing to my children, 8, 4, and 2 now but younger at the start of this problem. Again, the people doing the observation seem to think they are doing something wrong since they don't talk to me when I approach their vehicles. I don't know who they are. They don't talk to me.

Of course, the fire chief told me to get out of town, various officers of the town have threatened and move to imprison me, close my business and have cost me $50,000 in unnecessary expenses to date.

2. Gathering Evidence

It may be overkill, but I decided to prove that on many or all occasions, every day in every season, the dog barking produced by other people's dogs within 1000 feet of the end of my driveway exceed the barking produced by my dogs no matter how many dogs I have at the time and no matter what they are doing.

I have gone up and down my driveway, walked around the hamlet and back up my driveway several times:

I do this to sample the number of dogs in the hamlet and compare the level of barking on the street as opposed to my property to the end of the driveway to establish that the noise from barking dogs is always louder when you get away from my house than when you get closer to my house.

I have made many of these videos and they are pretty much the same, other than the dates.

I did another one today.

3. Ed Scott

The man in the video below is Ed Scott. He lives about 1500 feet from my barn, closer than everyone who complained about my business except Yerick/Platt, who live just over a 1000 feet from my barn. He is on the town board, an elected legislative position.

He has two children I believe. One is an adult in college who works at the post office and who I know and like and have friendly conversations with all the time. I would be happy to talk to her and explain why I am recording barking noise from time to time since Ed does not want me to explain it to him. Perhaps she might explain it to her brother, who is much younger, but still older than my oldest child.

I would be happy to speak to the children and explain it to them with their parents around to talk. It's fairly simple: My name is Will. I live down the street. I am recording noise for a lawsuit. If you would like to see the videos and hear the audio recordings, I can send you the link. I need the video to establish where I am at that moment. I need the audio recorder because it is calibrated to be analyzed by an engineering firm I have retained to study the issue.

That should alleviate any concerns about spooking children. Anyone want to stop spooking my children in a similar manner?

This video establishes that: 1) Valerie Bertram has know since the beginning that there is no problem with dog barking in Stuyvesant Falls as generated by Glencadia Dog Camp; 2) Well-connected individuals do not need permits to operate home businesses while unfavored residents cannot peaceful operate business even when they have permits; 3) Noise complaints are treated differently depending on who complains about whom; 4) What is good for the goose is highly unpleasant to the gander; 5) In addition to threats from the fire chief a member of the town board has now threatened me with violence for daring to gather evidence to defend myself in court; 6) Ed Scott is not interested in promoting truth or in treating everyone in town fairly in his role on the town board

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