Thursday, March 31, 2011

hi folks

Welcome to the blog. If you want something new, try my other blog.

Thank you Francesca for the link. As many of you are new to this blog and this case, I you might want to start at the beginning (January) and move forward rather than the other way around.

Here is the hearing in full, Monday March 28. Here is a news story on it.

This blog was not supposed to be about me. My lawsuit is not about me. Go to the first few posts like about attorney invoices and bad assessments.

These kinds of issues motivated the lawsuit. And this blog is not going to be able to discuss any more scandals like that since we are now moving toward this suit.

I was minding my own business, trying to run a business when I was attacked. I fought back. That is the only explanation for the fact that I did nothing wrong yet will before the town judge in criminal court on April 6 facing 15 days in jail along with zoning and planning persecutions.

I never in my life thought I would have to fight for my own constitutional rights. But I do.

Yes, I can run a business and express my political beliefs. This is America. I'm allowed to do that.

So folks, this is going to be a long tedious and expensive project. I am doing this suit and trying to get folks together to stop the corruption, abuse of power, waste, inefficiency and high taxes in Columbia County.

Please get in touch with me to help.

Thank you,



  1. Mr Pflaum,
    You do have a right to run a business. However, you must comply with state and county laws. If you cannot do so then the government has the right to revoke your business license. You only see the government as corrupt because it is not working in your favor.
    By the way, if America has free speech then you should not be deleting my posts.
    May your judgement be swift and merciful,

  2. Okay, since the Register Star let me comment, then I'll let anyone comment on my blog too.

    Sandy, how are you in a position to determine whether or not I am guilty of some offense?

  3. Well, as you say this is America. I have determined that your are guilty of lying on this blog by contradicting yourself twice in the same posting. For instance, you say noise cannot not be measured right? Well then how come you use Dr. Markku Jaaskelaineen's paper to support your claims when he clearly states that sound can be measured on the Decibel scale? The very paper you use to support yourself contradicts what you say!

    Since this is America we are entitled to make our own judgements and have our own opinions. Just because you believe you are right does not mean you are any more right if i said 'the sky is pink with white poka-dots'

  4. Sound in general can be measured. In the specific case I found it difficult to measure because the barking when audible to the ear was lower in DB than the sound of the wind or birds or distant car traffic.

    The sky tends to be black, as whether clouds are present or not make less or no difference at night. During the day white/gray and blue predominate.

  5. Neither of us or scientists. However, I find that the decibel scale is not always exact. I happen to own a hound and when i got for a walk i can hear her barking inside my house up to half a mile away.

    You also seem to lack any perception of sarcasm. It seems I need to make my point clearer. You are not consistent at all with what you say. You claims and evidence do not agree. You are causing your case harm.

  6. 1) You don't need to be a scientist to google "decay of sound" then square a number.

    2) The standard is loud versus not loud not "can hear" versus "can't hear."

    3) My sarcasm dectors work best when my bullshit monitors are not going ballistic.

    4) Where is the inconsistency? The charge defies the laws of physics. More likely I have orgies on the roof of my barn with space aliens than that a dog bark can be loud at 2000 feet. Just can't be, if loud means anything at all other than quiet. If loud means quiet then we have a real problem.

    5) Witchcraft is still on the books. Charge me with that instead. More likely than that a dog bark can be loud at 2000 feet, which is impossible.

    6) Find the inconsistency in this: a) Evidence should exist prior to punishment being inflicted; b) The charge should not defy the laws of the universe; c) the accused should be allowed to present evidence in his defense; d) 37 witnesses testifying in favor of the defendant should have some kind of effect on the case; e) the accuser is obligated to gather evidence; f) witnesses should not lie; g) the judge should be impartial; h) there should be laws and guidelines to guide accusation; i) in theory the charge is impossible; j) in fact, test prove that it is impossible, k) 37 people have testified that the charge is impossible; l) the accusers have said in writing and in a recorded telephone call the charge is impossible; m) all other witnesses other than the aforementioned tetified after the punishment was already passed and inflicted.

    Which one of these do you find inconsistent with the others?

  7. Within the past 6 months i have been to several homes near your farm and i could hear dogs barking. As a parent of a girl scout i have driven and walked around that area with my daughter and heard continous barking.

    I also have watched your video of the most recent trial. I must ask what one of your accusers asked, what are you doing with all that waste? Even with 10 dogs that is a lot of waste. Dog feces carry many diseases that are harmful to children, the elderly, animals and adults.

  8. Thank you: FARM. Ag and Market agree with you. No jurisdiction.

  9. I only call it a farm because of the barn besides that it might as well be dog hell. Personally I think that animal protection should be investigating you but I havent discussed it with my partner

  10. 1) Who's your partner? 2) How would you know anything about what goes on here inside my barn? Did you trespass?

    I'll leave your post up. Please feel free to respond further.

  11. I have heard the neighborhood gossip. I do not know anyone who has or plans to trespass but i have read your website for the 'camp' and how you have had gerardia. I have not trespassed and I do not plan to. I am a lesbian. I have seen your barn from the road, that is how i know you have one. Plus your wonderful pictures are informative

  12. Don't listen to gossip. Also, find something else to think about.

  13. I have been so offended by your intolerance for lesbians i feel that you deserve the maximum penalty for your offenses

  14. I'll leave that comment up for some reason. What are you talking about? Unbelievable.

  15. I send my dog to Glencadia and he has been there up to 2 weeks at a time.
    He is a sweet and shy dog and he always does just fine and comes home happy. He has never been sick, has never come home dirty. WIll does a good job with his business. He is honest, careful, thorough and above board.
    I have read through these comments. The ones from 5bf68c9c-5b29-11e0-b1f3-000bcdca4d7a, seem like baiting, hoping that WIll will somehow jump all over that lesbian comment. It seems crude and frankly insulting to homosexuals to use your sexual orientation to try to create an offense when there clearly is none. Where is your dignity and integrity? Jeez. Whoever wrote those posts, it seems like you have a personal vendetta towards WIll. What gives?

  16. Thank you. If you ask me, and I filed a federal lawsuit to prove it, there is an orchestrated, if chaotic, campaign to harm me to punish me for exposing corruption in town and county government. Whoever gets ginned up to complain is unlikely to know that this is the plan. The crooked town government guys require a reservoir of people they can manipulate in this way, whether the guys getting manipulated realize or not. If I donated $2000 to Tom Shanahan's PAC I'm sure I could run a refinery out of my barn and if anyone complained, they'd be told to go pound salt.

    That is what gives. And, yes, I think I can prove it. That's why I filed a lawsuit in Northern District Federal Court, hoping to have the chance to prove what I say in court and not in bizarre comments thread.

    Thank you for writing in.