Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 blogs

I know it's kind of crazy for one person to have 3 blogs, but I do. One is for daily news and I try to update it every day. Here is Wikicoco News. Sunshine on the Hudson (this one) one here is for longer sort of "stories" -- single issue posts. And the third one is for dogs: here.

This site is good for finding out about my case and Stuyvesant politics from my point of view. Wikicoco News is updated quickly every day. Take 60 seconds and scan it when you're in the mood. Glencadia Dog Blog is all about dogs. is a wikipedia site for the whole county. I would like other people to move in and take that one over.  It's not a blog: it's supposed to have pages about all kinds of issues.

Got it? Thank for stopping by.

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