Wednesday, March 30, 2011

distance and date

Based on GSP hiker/outdoor app on ipad:
(MotionX-GPS “Use to navigate and record tracks and waypoints during outdoor activities such as hiking, sailing, or geocaching.”)
Rybka distance from barn: 520 yards/1,560 feet

Campbell distance from barn: 50 yards/150 feet
Meg, distantce from barn 1000 feet
Vlad distance from barn: 464 yards/1,392 feet
Pickwick distance from barn: 453 yards/1,359 feet
Reddy distance from barn: 457 yards/1,371 feet
Culver distance from barn: 550 yards/1,650 feet
Lebe /Reynolds distance from barn: 605 yards/1,815 feet
Phyllis distance from barn: 550 yards/1,650 feet
Gibbs distance from barn: 476 yards/1,428 feet
Pilkerton distance from barn: 680 yards/2,040 feet
Richardson distance from barn: 477 yards/1,431 feet
There are many other letters of support from people who spend time at the facility for various reasons.

I have uploaded a large JPG map of the area.


I now move to dates.
Here is a timeline of my business:

The reason dates are critical are to establish that 1) at the time Gerry Ennis revoked my permit, no one had complained in writing and two people (households) had complained by phone; 2) that the claim that the barking started in Fall 2009 is baseless.

The two complaints prior to the act (revocation) that produced the appeal which lead to the negotiations that lead to the planning board were from Yerick/Platt and Kline.

Mary Kline’s complaint, by her own admission on three occasions, was manufactured by Gerry Ennis. She called him and said she heard dogs. He told her that my dog camp existed and that I was the source of her problem. She lives more than 1500 feet away from my facility. She claims that the barking problem started suddenly in Fall 2009 such that she cannot sleep. Her letters contain irreverent personal attacks remarks.

Platt/Yerrick wrote a letter of support for my business when I appeared before the board in Summer 2009. In April 2010 I spoke to Mr. Platt (Fritz) and he told me that the only problem is my own personal dog. I recorded the telephone call. Mr. Platt subsequently signed an affidavit accusing me of criminal dog barking.

In a letter, Ms. Yerrick notes that the barking is “louder than the small microphone on her video camera recorded.” I have not received a copy of this recording although is has been requested through FOIL more than 45 days from the date of this letter. At the public hearing Ms. Yerrick noted that the “drip of a faucet isn’t loud but it is annoying.” Fritz wears hearing aides in both ears.

Again, I would here simply point out that we could dismiss this whole proceeding as baseless and arbitrary.

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