Tuesday, March 29, 2011

last night at the planning board

I didn't speak! Last night I was tossing and turning, kicking myself for not speaking! I had such a good speech! Something like this:

First, to all the neighbors and friends who came out: thank you. I feel like "love thy neighbor" is in full effect tonight. We had a problem and we called our neighbors and they came out to help us.

Did a tree fall on the house? No. Did the horse step on a nail? No. Was there an accident or a storm? No. We were attacked. We need you to come out.

You came out. Thank you.

I would like you to know that I don't think you came out just for us. You also came out for some basic principles enshrined in the US Constitution: due process, equal protection, freedom of speech, open government.

Yes, in our little town these issues apply. No, it is not up to some judge somewhere to defend the constitution. We also have to do it in this little town.

That's the basic message I wanted to make and just didn't think I should speak last night.

Also, Judy: thank you for investing in Columbia County and making this a viable second home option. Michael and the Chamber of Commerce: thank you for working to make this county a good place to invest. Thank you all.

Then I thought of this: Stuyvesant Town government is corrupt. Saudi Arabian government is corrupt. In Saudi Arabia, when the protests in the Middle East started, they gave everyone 10,000 dollars because they have a vast reservoir of oil. When I started complaining about the assessment rolls, the terrible accounting, apparent embezzlement of funds, in town hall, they needed to draw the vast reservoir available to this government: gullible people.

Real estate.

Now, I did not bring a second card for my camera nor did I set the camera to lo res so I only have the first of two hours of public comments on video. We have the whole thing in audio.

The second half was all pro-dog!

Also, please note that I handed in three letters at the beginning of the session.

Also, the lawyer for the town Tal Rappleyea, took off at the beginning and a new lawyer showed up. This is promising. I would love to work with someone reasonable who wants to solve the problem and not attack me for exercising my constitutional rights.

Read the real news at this site.

Planning Board Hearing, Stuyvesant March 28, 2011 from glencadia on Vimeo.
Planning board info.

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