Wednesday, March 30, 2011

bunch of hicks

I never called anyone a hick. Do a google search, print out the email. I never met the woman who said I called her a hick in person, so it was online. Then she should be able to produce the document.

I got more rusty vehicles.
I got a goat behind a chainlink fence near a pile of shit.
I got a barely functional pick up.
I got dilapidated fences.
I got manure.
I got holes in my shit boots that I stuff up with a plastic bag in the winter.
My hands bleed all winter because I clean buckets with snow then put the same hands into the woodstove to wiggle logs and get a fire going.
I got a rooster.
I got more plywood than anyone in town.

No one is going to out hick me.

I never called anyone a hick until now. Here goes: who's the hick? Me.

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