Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Did you get a card in the mail about the town garage? Click here. Get a card about a hearing and a party? Click here.

1. Did an interview on a community radio station. That is the complete interview. Thanks, Tom. Some talk about my case, and about the town garage there at the end, for those interested.

Here is me on why this town operates like a third world country.

Here is me on the garage project.

Here me talking about how the whole county is implicated.

2. The t-shirts came in and look great. Video and pictures tomorrow. Everyone who ordered shirts, hold tight, they go out tomorrow. Thank you. And thank you Equal Vision for great shirts.

3. Had a scheduling hearing in Federal Court, our first contact with the magistrate. Went well. It was all procedure and no substance but at least the judge does not seem predisposed to make narrow, legalistic rulings that alter the character of the case. The broad case remains intact for now. Copy of the ruling below.

4. Highway superintendent wrote an op-ed in favor of his project.

My problems with this article: 1) the roof does not leak. 2) DEC has not fined the town for not building this salt shed. 3) Material can be stored in other facilities elsewhere in the county. 4) How do we know the town board won't steal the money? 5) Why not put in a pre-fab? 6) Why did the reason change from road safety to the environment? 7) What is this: "Some in town will oppose this project, because they oppose anything they don’t have to be responsible for." You're not talking about me are you?

I oppose anything proposed by a town that lets the town attorney walk out the door with $10,000 he never submitted any paperwork for and cannot consistently explain and the town board doesn't think its a problem. If you can't mind the store you got, you don't deserve another one.

I made a comment on the Register Star article, just asking about the pre-fab issue. In the past, the Register Star has banned my comments, even the most pleasant "nice article" kind of thing... let's see if my comment sneaks through this time.

Yup, thanks Register Star. My comment went through.

First, make sure finances are secure. Open the books. Then borrow money when necessary.


8/03/2011 ORDER ADJOURNING THE RULE 16 CONFERENCE: During the Rule 16 Conference, the parties informed the Court that immediate motion practice is warranted. Based upon those representations, the Court adjourns the Rule 16 for thirty days. The parties shall file their respective motions on or before September 9, 2011. If no motion is contemplated by September 9, 2011, the parties must file a status report. Should no motion be filed by September 9, 2011, the Court will convene the Rule 16 Conference and set a Scheduling Order. SO ORDERED. Signed by Magistrate Judge Randolph F. Treece on 8/3/2011. (Treece, Randolph) (Entered: 08/03/2011)

08/03/2011 Minute Entry for proceedings held before Magistrate Judge Randolph F. Treece: Carl Person, Esq. and Sharon Segal, Esq. participate in a Telephonic Rule 16 Pretrial Conference on 8/3/2011; Conference adjourned 30 days for filing of motion to dismiss. (rzh, ) (Entered: 08/03/2011)

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