Wednesday, August 24, 2011

fence = structure

The latest silly argument against me is that my permit allows me to run a business in an accessory structure but since the dogs go outside to the yard, they are not "within" the structure.

But not according to town zoning ordinance (supposedly the law we are talking about here) from page 12 of the zoning ordinance:

Structures – Anything constructed on or under the ground or upon another structure of building. Among other things, structures include buildings, mobile homes, walls, fences over four (4) feet in height, billboards and signs.

A fence is specifically designated to be a structure. Mine is over 4 feet.

The dogs are behind a fence. They are within a structure as defined by Stuyvesant Town Zoning ordinance.

Not loud. Within the structure. No evidence of any problem with waste. Farm insurance. No complaints to dog control officer of dogs running away. Not an issue that the barn and house are on separate lots. Anything else? Other than you don't like my music or my blog?

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