Thursday, August 11, 2011

martin roby on the salt shed

After attending a number of hearings on the proposed salt shed and garage project in Stuyvesant, I am shocked how irresponsible the town board is with money. The board proposes to fund this project with borrowing 100%, no money down, nothing set aside over the years.

The town has not looked into sharing services with other towns or the county. The county has a huge salt shed in Kinderhook. In addition more modern liquid (or wet salt) methods use a fraction of the salt the current bulk dump systems use. Sand can be applied after for grip. This would result in using a less salt, less pollution, less cost to the taxpayers, and the evidence suggests wet systems melts the ice better and more safely.

The town is insisting on a custom built salt shed which will cost anywhere from two to four times as much as a pre-fab shed. In
addition, the town has been sued in Federal court for alleged misconduct and illegal activities. Banks don't loan money out to Plaintiffs in lawsuits and the taxpayers should not either.

I'm asking the residents of Stuyvesant to do the right thing and vote no on borrowing almost a million dollars for a project than may be unnecessary or it at least vastly inflated. All residents (even Stuyvesant Falls) vote at Stuyvesant Town Hall, August 16 between 2:00pm - 9:00pm

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