Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tal, lawyer on call 26/7

Here is the article in the Times Union again. And here is a quote:
Asked how it's possible to work over 80 hours a week and not collapse from exhaustion, Rappleyea said, "I'm in pretty good shape."
He'd have to be... in order to work 26 hours in a day, he'd have to be moving at 20% of the speed of light. 
"When I submit (bills) to a town they go by at least six eyes."
Let's see, See No Evil, one monkey, two eyes, Hear No Evil, another monkey, two more eyes, Speak No Evil, third monkey, six total eyes. Yup, six eyes, all closed, unless I just saw one wink a bit when you passed him that envelope.
"I worked all these hours." Rappleyea said. "Yeah, I'm a workaholic. My wife and I talk about it all the time."
When would you see your wife? Unless your wife is the supervisor of Cairo and you're billing her for these phone calls. Working 26 hours a day does not leave a lot of time for pillow talk unless you're billing for it.
DA Czajka did respond briefly, saying only: "I can neither confirm or deny if I am conducting an investigation."
We are trying to determine if there are in fact only 24 hours in a day. 
Fitzsimmons said the office employed a "two-sets-of-eyes approach," where at least one attorney in the county office was aware of what another attorney was working on.
Does this other guy with these eyes have a name? 
"At the county level he did what he needed to do," Fitzsimmons said of Rappleyea. "He got the work done."
He must have worked in the highway garage repairing trucks because he did not produce a single solitary legal document of any kind. I FOILed and am in court and there is not one scrap of paper, no record, no memo, no court filing, nothing, indicating any such work.

Unless he was changing oil every Sunday for 15 hours. The guy just cannot stop working!

And when I say "what he needed to do" I mean to keep his trap shut. He did that. So we gave him so dough. If he keeps doing it, we'll give hims some more.
Fitzsimmons was asked if, as a county and municipal attorney himself, he felt working a 90-hour-plus week seemed plausible or even possible. "If you're willing to put in 90 hours, so be it," he responded, "I used to tell (Rappleyea), 'I don't know how you do so much but more power to you.'"

12 hours invoice is "more power to you." 

26 hours billed in a day is "you lying ass." 
"I never felt that we didn't get what we paid for," said Chatham Supervisor Jesse DeGroodt. "He's served us well."
Boy, does he regret this quote. If he could get in Tal's time machine and re-do this one...
In Germantown, however, Supervisor Roy Brown described his relationship with Rappleyea as "OK." 
And after this article it went from "OK" to "Tal who?"
"Certainly as a supervisor it feels like we're on call 24/7," Brown said. 
But Tal? Tal is on call 26/7.

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