Wednesday, November 7, 2012

post election day blog post: 3 questions

1. How come a county that has gone consistently for Democrats presidents and governors has been so totally dominated by Republicans locally at the town level? Will the local Democrats ever get the Obama votes to the polls on an odd numbered year?

2. How will Republicans like Gibson in districts that went for Obama stick with their sometimes fairly extreme Republican leadership or will these kind of Republicans, particularly Gibson, work with Obama to pass the agenda the people of the county want: universal health care, higher taxes on the rich, funding for science research, no more wars, environmental protection, green energy, and an economy that works for the middle class, not the oligarchs?

3. Can the Republicans change? Will they listen to their reasonable members or will they continue to be dragged down by the nuts?

Columbia County: President
Barack Obama (D/WF) (inc) 14,068 55%
Mitt Romney (R/C) 11,059 43%

New York House District 19
Christopher P. Gibson (R/C/I) (inc) 135,328 53%
Julian Schreibman (D/WF) 118,358 47%

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