Thursday, November 17, 2011

register star article on the stuyvesant budget

2012 Amount To Be Raised By Taxes: $376,953    

That will pay for a lot of lawyers. 

Is it 3% or 8%? I heard 8.5% at the meeting. Martin, do we have audio or was I hearing things?

Dog park? Yes, $72,000 could have paid for a dog park. I think the paper meant dog bark, not park. Funny that a bark costs more than a park, I could see how you might get that wrong.

What does the budget look like with all the numbers in there? The public will never see that budget? That's how I understand the quote below. Or are the figures in the budget now and that budget is available somewhere? Anyone seen it? Or will the public comments be closed with the numbers still not in there? 

If I were on the board, I would make sure this was all clear before I voted, if only to protect my own reputation. 

Jamison brought up the $72,491.59 payable to outside attorney, Whiteman, Osterman and Hanna, LLP...

Bertram responded by saying that although the cost, “is a reality,” the Board decided “not to put it in there (the 2012 budget.)”

According to Bertram, “on the date agreed upon to finish the public hearing, all the numbers will be plugged in,” for a finalized budget. Bertram added that the town will vote on the finalized budget after the allotted time for the public hearing has been closed.

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