Sunday, November 6, 2011

castro figured it out... now, hello, Stuyvesant?

“The state has no business getting involved in a matter between two individuals.” — Raul Castro

Well, the communist party of Cuba figured that out. Now, just waiting for the government of the town of Stuyvesant to figure it out.

Figure this out: butt out. When people start yelling across a fence, don't take sides.

Instead of wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on special prosecutors, why not  tell anyone complaining about their neighbor to do one of these:

Note: "Odor and noise from a dog kennel"
There is precedent for this kind of suit. 

Someone complains? Tell them to go to mediation.

They refuse? Tell them to file a nuisance law suit.

Let the neighbor deal with it themselves. Let them pay for it if they think they have a good case.

Have the town butt the hell out.

That's what Communists do these days. But here in Stuyvesant, the wall is still up. Big Brother meddling in private matters between neighbors.

Big Brother is too expensive for a Small Town. 

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