Monday, April 25, 2011

mountains of video and audio

Here is video from June 2010 of me leaving my property (about 5 minutes) walking through the village (about 8 minutes) and returning to my property. You will note that I demonstrate that there are a number of dogs on my property, all out in the yard enjoying the weather. On this day there were in excess of 25 dogs I believe and can get the exact number easily.

Here is the sound test conducted on February 19, 2011 to which all the members of the town board and planning board were invited but declined to attend:

There were over 30 dogs on my property at this time and no measurable increase in sound at the road.

Here is some video from the sound test of April 16, 2011. The only dog you hear in this video is not on my property although there are 31 dogs on my property at this moment, all out in the yard.

Here is sound engineer Ken Andria comparing the decibel measuring app I used on my ipad in February with his B&K instrument, showing that the iPad is sufficient to measure the phenomenon.

The next 5 minutes were recorded by engineer while running other audio equipment (report in production). The next two videos are from different video recorders recording overlapping time. One is recording down by the road near the complaining neighbors and the other is right in the barn with the dogs. When the dogs are loud in the barn, they can barely be heard by the road.

That was the road. Here is the barn at the same time. The first two minutes are before the previous video. At 2:20 the sound test starts. At about 5 minutes I really get the dogs to bark. The audio device was right on the other side of the fence when I used the cat to get the dogs to bark.

Here are about 2 minutes shot on April 22 by the post office in Stuyvesant Falls.

Here is the same walk I did in June 2010 more or less on April 17, 2011. Again, I start on my property with about 28 dogs (plus my 3) walk into the hamlet and back to my barn and demonstrate that I have a large number of dogs present.

Here is audio of the same.

Here is the video of Saturday April 23, 2011. In the first 5 minutes I'm on my property with more than 30 dogs present. In the second 5 minutes or so I'm in the village. The last 5 minutes show me walking back to my property and into the barn to demonstrate the number of dogs.

Here is the audio of the same.

Here is the video made by Frederick Platt on December 30, 2010 on which I was issued a ticket punishable by up to 15 days in jail and the basis for the revocation of my permit to operate my business, I guess, although that action (revocation) was taken on August 9, 2010. Clearly, even when the video is shot by my opponent on a day when I had over 70 dogs present, at his property, the noise generated is in no way loud. If the noise is not loud, then I am not in violation of any conceivable statute.

Here is some video from June 2010 with a lot of dogs not barking:

As to habitual and loud barking, here are 8 minutes shot on April 21, 2011 which contain few barks and no loud or persistent barking.

Here is July 2009 with 16 minutes on my property and no barking:

Here are 5 minutes from April 15 with no barking:

Here is April 14 with 7 minutes and not much barking:

I could go on showing no barking for years.

In addition to 37 statements of support (including 2 from Yerick/Platt, from Mike Campbell and Shanna Pickwick -- the closest neighbors), the open house inviting the whole town into the barn (2 planning board and 1 zoning attended or came by later), and a physics paper proving the charge is impossible, I also have video showing that on many occasions my property produced a fraction of the barking caused by many of the neighbors.

Except for Platt/Yerick, who have given me statements of support in 2009 and 2010, none of the other complainers live within 1500 feet and they all mention issues other than barking in their letters.

Even the video made by Platt himself proves that the charge is impossible, as shown in the physics paper. I didn't need to make any video: just look at what the other side made.

And the sound report by Ken Andria will show the same thing: other dogs barking are much louder than my dogs even when I hold a cat over the fence to provoke them to bark in the corner of the yard closest to the road.

I wanted to put all the video in one place. I could take the passwords off, let anyone see it all.

The charge of loud barking (persistent or otherwise) is simply and obviously and completely false. I have proven that it is false although it is actually not my job to disprove a charge but for someone to prove that it is true.

This should have some bearing of what the board decides to do.


  1. I would love to watch those videos but unfortunately a few are locked so maybe you would like to unlock them for us viewers

  2. email me and tell me who you are and I can provide the passwords. thanks.