Thursday, October 24, 2013

two stories on the break in at the board of elections

Here is the story in the Times Union

Here is the story in the register star

Here is the democratic commissioner in an email to Ron Knott:

Remember: You TOLD us at the BOE on May 13th that YOU had the lock changed so that YOU could get in to see the HVAC units. You are the source of that "rumor." Besides, I understood that you oversaw their installation and checked on them from time to time. Now you're saying you've never been in the room. That does not make any sense at all. Actually, we've all been in that room together over the course of the last year, as we were figuring out how to make it a workable space for our machines. And then Bob also told us that you had the lock changed because you wanted to access those units. We heard it from both of you.

So now Knott says he wasn't there. Does the locksmith remember one or two guys?

Here is the FOIL response on the issue:

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