Tuesday, September 18, 2012

how many mean people can one small town have?

Don't get distracted by dog barking and keep your eye on Sleepergate.

Video from the hearing below, just a snippet. It's hard enough to talk in front of a room without being interrupted all the time. They don't read the paper when I give it to them and when I try to put it in their ear, they tell me to stop talking. Was I talking to them? Not really. I was trying to talk to the other people in the room, and to the video, to post here. Why not? The meanies don't listen.

Listen to Aenne at the end of her speech. It's all true. They wreck our property, shout "X" in the street,  racial stuff, bizarre stuff on facebook about children swimming.

What the hell is this? How about this? A member of the government wrote that note and put it into the public record. Who? They won't say. How about this? Nice? Or this? What does Al Sharpton have to do with my family, other than both his family and mine contain black people in them? Here is the fire chief, also on the ZBA stopping me from speaking last night, telling me to move out of town. We have posts about my children and family, calls for violence, racism, telling me to move out of town by a town official. And here is board member threatening more violence. Violence, vandalism, racism, perverted facebook posts about my children swimming naked. A fine bunch of people here in town running the place.

All you need to do is go to Google maps and then do 1/R^2 or, if you can't do that, drive by and roll down your window and listen. You don't spend $200,000 on lawyers for a dog barking complaint.

If you had a two year old traffic ticket, would the judge dismiss it just because its two years old? Seems like a good idea.

Lot of paper.  More here.

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