Thursday, September 15, 2011

letter from an observer

Dear Ms. Yerick, the complaining neighbor.

I recently had the opportunity to watch the video of you accusing William Pflaum, owner of Glencadia Dog Camp of your being able to see his farm from the window in your home. However, when he asked you to provide a picture of that, you refused to do so. I know the reason you refused to do so. You would have incriminated yourself...

In other words you were lying. I have personally driven by your home and the Dog Camp and there is no way that with the trees where they are on your property and where any of those windows on the north side of your home are that you would be able to see the Dog Camp. In order to see his home with the kennels you would have had to have gone outside and used a pair of binoculars to see the intimate details of his business. Also, the long driveway leading to his residence is so far that it would be totally impossible for you to hear anything unless you were to hook up a system that would transmit the noise from his business to your house similar to a baby monitor....

…It is beyond me that a community would want to run out a business that will provide jobs for others in this horrendous economic condition the United States is in...

Thus, I agree with Mr. Pflaum, he should have every right to run a Dog Camp if he wishes. As previously stated, we are supposedly guaranteed the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Preamble specifically states that we have the right of free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, etc.


Marlin J. Spellman

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  1. I have done business with Will for several years and he and his employees are honest, hard-working people and good at what they do and that is take care of dogs in a legitmate business.
    I am not sure why this woman and others are acting the way they are. We are all accountable to God. It is better that people who know they have misused their power, their office, their connections and make the decision to turn away from disgraceful and cowardly behaviour and choices then to proceed down a path that in the end will hurt many innocent people and damage your very own soul.
    I hope the people involved - any one of you - someone has to have the dignity to act beyond local fears and politics and do what is morally right. you will have to live with yourself the rest of your life based on your own actions. It is your choice: blessings or curses.