Sunday, June 12, 2011

mystery of the potted plant

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Between Friday, June 10 at 8 pm and Saturday, June 11 at 6 am someone stole the letters from the VFW down the road, laid the letters down in my driveway to spell "you suck," stole someone's potted plant, moved my dog sign and rigged up this bizarre construction.

State Police investigation followed. While I make this video, I am talking to the county sherrif's office. The letters: "YOU" came from "Congratulations Grads 2011: Be all you can be. Good Luck" turned into "Be all can be. Good Lu." And "Stuyvesant Falls Fire Department need volunteers" turned into "t yvesant Falls Fire Department..."

Anyone missing a potted plant? We have some theories about who did it and why the plant was hanging there.

This is not an isolated incident. See here. Or you can look at this.

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