Wednesday, September 3, 2014

public trust?

From the audit:
Payroll Department on November 14, 2013 via email identifying 37 leave days to be deducted from the resigning attorney’s accruals, the email was not opened before the separation payment was issued on November 21, 2013. 
It should be noted that we found the discrepancies in this department because it was the only department that had sufficient records to test. Such records consisted of leave request forms and an electronic calendar that documented daily absences. 
The public trust is endangered when records of leave time earned and used are not maintained and separation payments made are not fully supported. 

What do 26 hour days do to public trust? How about 5 guys maintaining private law offices with staff while simultaneously claiming to be present at 401 State Street for years when they don't have desks at 401 State and never went there?

Grattan is obliged by law to deal with this by law and can't say "whoops!." If crimes were committed, hundreds of felonies for years by many people, the DA has an obligation to prosecute and the state police have an obligation to arrest.

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