Tuesday, February 11, 2014

how to fix the world

Today happens to be my birthday. So, to celebrate I would like you to indulge me and read this article. I will also like to take a break and write a bit, and in a few short paragraphs diagnosis the problems of the human race and fix them all.

We have big problems: global warming, inequality, poverty, war, stuck on only one planet in this universe that could be hit my a meteor, etc. Meanwhile, we have extra resources that are not being directed at these problems. Instead of fixing the problems of the human race our extra resources are going to billionaires to buy private jets and yachts and 18 house and 150 sports cars and building private resorts, etc. Regular people are wasting time, brian power and money watching porn (at the very least a waste of time!), buying consumer products, getting mediocre educations, running their ACs, blowing leaves with a machine, and driving around in circles for not productive purpose.

If you want to make a change to the society to change this pattern, that is everyone, you'll need action of the government. But the government is run by the scum of the earth, as the only reason anyone ever runs for office is to feel better about themselves (ego), to help their friends or hurt their enemies. The only people who want to get elected, as the only thing you can do when elected is cheat, are scum. If they weren't scum when they ran, they become egomaniacal, self-interested scum later.

I know, I know, this guy is okay, that one is not so bad, blah, blah, blah. But fundamentally, I don't see why individual ego needs to play any role in solving huge global problems. Representative government was a great step forward in getting human beings to get along in the 18th century but we should get past it now.

And elected officials do tend to be ignorant, egotistical, dumb, incompetent, etc.

So before we do something about global warming or before we take a great leap forward in education as a species, we have to stop wasting resources on private jets and leaf blowers. In order to stop wasting resources, brain power and materials, we need to have a government that actually reflects the needs of society and is something like the collective will of the people as a whole and not a factory of greed, lies and egotism.

If there were something else besides government that could stop the private jets, then we wouldn't need to worry so much. But no. There's nothing.

And yeah some rich people give to charity, blah, blah, blah. But 100 billionaires donating to art museums, malaria research, charter schools, churches, political causes, etc. is not the collective will focusing on the real emergencies facing the planet and isn't all that great for the species as a people.

So back to government. We have to fix it. Here's how to do it, and it is super easy and would work like a charm. First, all information should be available to everyone. Lying (dishonesty, secrecy) the is fundamental flaw in representative government. Simply, to get elected you have to say, "small government, tradition, business" or "fairness, equality, growth." You can't get elected by saying, "my ego needs a boost, my friends want more money, it'll look good on my resume, I think I'm really great, and I hate you nigger, hilly billy, kike, egghead, ignorant, Christian, faggots." But, the second list is closer to what the candidates really think (picking only a few of the terms of course).

So, deception is fundamental to government. So, almost all government documents should be available online to search by anyone in a well-designed system. No need to FOIL/FOA request anything. It's all right there.

Then, any legislation, rule change, budget, anything the government does has to go through a wikipedia-like process first. Before the representatives can vote, they have to put it online. Then in a moderated forum, the proposal is discussed by EVERYONE in the world who has something to say. Wikipedia, Reddit, etc.: we can weed out trolls and we can tell who really seems to know what they are talking about, who is an honest and helpful but not expert user, etc.

And who cares where the person lives? If a guy in Germany is an expert on trains and the bill in question has to do with high speed rail, please join in the discussion, etc. Furthermore, we should encourage discussion of issues internationally as our problems are generally international.

In the end, the community boils the proposal down to an article, after much discussion, and has a non-binding vote. The results of the vote and the final document get forwarded to the representatives or the agency. Then the elected or appointed "public servants" get to make the final ruling and re-submit the final product to the community for review. After a week of review by the community, the vote or decision takes effect.

Then, being a representative should not be that big a deal. Being a member of the house of representative (much less the state or local body) should be more like being the moderator of a sub-Reddit or an editor on Wikipedia. It's a honor. It's a responsibility. It's isn't a career. You don't get staff. You don't get a car. You get some money, but not much. You don't get a gym. You don't get an office.

So, we'll need more representatives. Instead of, for example, 435 representatives in the house elected by district, or however they do it in different political units, there should be many more, like maybe 5000.

And they should not all be elected. Why can't some be chosen at random? Like a lottery? The ancient Athenians did that. We pick juries of our peers to make important decisions. Why couldn't 1/3 of the representatives be selected at random? And why not have regional elections with lists of candidates like a European parliament too? Another 1/3 elected by state or region?

Then, the supreme court sucks too but that is so obvious I'll leave it alone for now. And the president is WAY too powerful. And we don't need all of this deep state: NSA, CIA, military. But, those are the kinds of problems I hope a real democracy would eventually fix. Everything I say about the federal government should apply to the states and probably other countries.

Of course, I think that real democracy will eventually tackle real problems, like global warming. But someone else might think all we need it so have more democracy and it will, I don't know, make sure nuts have the right to buy assault riffles without a background check. But if we have secret, non-democratic government that can be manipulated by the same guys with the private jets, then there is little hope of building a collective, universal movement of civil society.

So, fix the government by using the Wikipedia model and get all secrecy out of the system and take the representatives down a peg. If you are dying of thirst but the well with the water is 30 miles away and your car is broken, you have to fix the car, then drive to the well.

And, thus, in one short blog post, I have outlined what is wrong with the world and how to fix it. Vote for me!

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