Friday, August 3, 2012

The First Sunshine on the Hudson Podcast

Sunshine on the Hudson, first PODCAST.

Here is the first edition. Have a listen. Listen to Republican Congressman Chris Gibson say that Barack Obama is okay with the drone strikes and that congress has oversight over the program... But others say there is no oversight. Who's right?

Then we get to Sleepergate update with phone calls: the county sheriff saying he doesn't want to know about more than a million dollars missing and doesn't want to talk about whether or not I can go back in the office a video the crooks in action (or not) at the county attorney's office. Also, a clip that is one more nail in the coffin of this claim to work 30 hours a week by these crooked lawyers... and I go easy on the ranting chipmunk.

And I think I like Chris Gibson. He was a soldier. Almost 20 years ago he found himself in Saudi Arabia ready for war and he said, "Wait, congress has not approved this!" Here is 20 years later, still hammering away on the issue. That's a guy I can understand and like.

Better production values for the next podcast! iTunes feeds! I'm new to podcasts!

Thank you Mr. Gibson. Full interview.

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