Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 posts from the columbia paper

A salt shed problem solved creatively in Ancram, just $6,500 spent, no bond issues... compare to Stuyvesant.

...some on a town board in Germantown, including Roy Brown who I met with for an hour to go over the invoices for Tal, concerned with honesty in accounting.  That's makes 2 on the ball in Germantown.


 Town Highway Superintendent Jim MacArthur also got in on the money talk, telling the board he obtained two bids for a new metal roof for the old milk factory building, now the town's salt/sand shed. Installed by Highway Department personnel, a green metal roof will cost the town $6,982.95 and a shiny metal roof will cost $6,456.85. The board decided to go with the green metal since the new highway garage is green and the green is more “aesthetically pleasing.” Supervisor Bassin was pleased because the town had budgeted $20,000 for the new roof.


Tal Rappleyea, the new town attorney, was introduced to the meeting. Via the Internet connection, which uses software called Skype, Ms. Snyder had expressed misgivings about Mr. Rappleyea's time commitments and the way he was hired. Mr. Craig said he would respond to Ms. Snyder via email, and Mr. Rappleyea assured the meeting that he had time for Germantown

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