Monday, October 17, 2011

Keep Stuyvesant, "Stuyvesant"

This post is about the coming election in the town of Stuyvesant, Columbia County and in other local towns.

1. These local elections should be on the EVEN years when turn out is greater. Skip the whole odd year election if you ask me.

2. There should be term limits in Columbia County.

3. Towns should not have the broad powers they have but function as community boards. A town of 2000 people should not have a 1.2 million dollar budget, 17 employees, a court, and millions in assets.

4. Services should be consolidated.

That said, we still have an election. The slogan for the Republicans and supervisor candidate Ron Knott is Keep Stuyvesant, "Stuyvesant" -- with the quote marks.

As opposed to what? Open to outsiders? Are you sure you don't want people to move in and invest in the town? Seems like you've made it pretty clear. Why not make it your slogan for the election?

Oh, you did.

Here were the options for an election slogan that the Stuyvesant Republican Party considered:

1. Keep Stuyvesant, "Stuyvesant" 
2. Keep out non-Stuyvesant, "from Stuyvesant" 
3. Stuyvesant means "Town of Stuyvesant" not "Stuyvesant Town" or "Bedford Stuyvesant"
4. Simple: Vote for the Right People not the Wrong People 
5. We only know Stuyvesant, not what it means.  
6. We love to run this town. Don't try to stop us from doing it. Vote right.
7. from elections to lawsuits, bring it on
8. We don't need no stinking badges
9. Vote for Us, or We'll send over Ennis to Knock over your Fence
10. Vote for us. But you'll need a permit first. 

I have no doubt that if elected Ron Knott will keep Stuyvesant "Stuyvesant" and no one will mistake the place for a well run town lead by honest officials who care about the taxpayer. Say "Stuyvesant" to someone from say, Ghent, and I'm sure they think, "Gee, I wish our town could have that type of leadership!" Keep Ghent, "Stuyvesant"?

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