Tuesday, July 12, 2011

petty, trivial, negligible, measly, shabby, slight, frivolous

This is a petty blog post. The piece with the neighbors is petty and there is no way to discuss it without presenting the blatant pettiness of the whole thing.

If you are new to this blog, skip this entry until you have looked at some of the stuff on this list. Did you look at it? Okay, now on to petty-land.

How many times can I say petty? trivial, insignificant, base, casual, cheap, contemptible, frivolous, inconsequent, inconsiderable, inessential, inferior, irrelevant, junior, lesser, light, little, lower, measly, minor, narrow-minded, negligible, nickel-and-dime, niggling, paltry, peanut, penny-ante, pettifogging, picayune, piddling, scratch, secondary, shabby, shallow, shoestring, slight, small, small-minded, subordinate, trifling, two-bit, unimportant

One aspect of this conflict with the town of Stuyvesant is that a tiny group of disgruntled and unhappy neighbors have obliged the zoning officer by complaining about me when invited to do so by Gerry Ennis. Most people in the neighborhood have been great and supportive... thank you.

...a reservoir of gullible people...

I haven't written too much about this small cabal riled up by the town government to offer cover for their otherwise bizarre campaign against me since the people involved seem to be lead astray rather than up to no good on their own.

I would much rather focus on the roles of the bigger fish, people with some authority, as I do here. For example, I have to talk about special prosecutors and Beth Cozzolino, not this petty stuff... but prosecutors can wait a day or so.

This post shows Gerry Ennis encouraging complaints and fingering me without investigation. The key phrase in that link is "he told me." Also, "new kennel" is interesting since I have been in operation for more than 4 years at that point. He just fingered me because he wanted to get me. Mary Kline lives 1600 feet away from my barn.

The neighbor in the video below is from a household 1000 feet away. This neighbor wrote a letter of support when I went to the planning board in 2009. Then in April 2010, her husband told me there was no problem. In March of 2011, Patty said this.

Yet the husband, Fritz, signed an affidavit that lead to a criminal charge against me in January 2011. Interesting, Fritz did not use the word "loud" in that inditement instrument.

Below we see Patty videoing my barn. I video her videoing me and then we talk. She says that the difference between the time she wrote the glowing letter in May 2009 and November 2009 is that she changed the configuration of her yard and removed plants and other junk.

So, therefore, my business should be shut down?

Why does the town encourage, invite or solicit these types of complaints? Why does the town coordinate complaints with people who are not credible?

My beef is with the town. Still, if there weren't people in the neighborhood so easily lead astray, it would be harder for this corrupt town government to operate.

The town should be interested in reducing conflict and insisting on verifiable, objective measures, not collaborating with obsessive people who's story does not make sense.

And the story obviously does not make sense.

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