Saturday, January 15, 2011

got a ticket today

This blog is not really about my problems. I strongly encourage new readers to check on the first two entries on this blog first: the real meat is at the beginning and puts everything else into stark relief.

Still, the attacks on me (both the ticket described below and the zoning enforcement fiasco described here) are the flip side of the financial irregularities reported in the first entries, involving assessments and contractor pay. I have zoning and criminal charge problems for the same reason the assessments and the budget are not clear, fair and transparent: disrespect for the rule of law.

It's unAmerican.

Here is a law they managed to dig up and claim applies to Stuyvesant.

Here is my appearance ticket.

First time in 40 years the law has been used, if it even is a law in this town.

The charge defies t...  apparently occurred ... but the ticket ... the video tape ... not seen...  did not observe ...  I'll hold out on the rest of that since I haven't been to court yet.

But still... Will I be next to be jailed on a dog charge by judge Bruno?

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